Door Closers

We offer door closers for all glass systems with adjustable closing speed and in various forms, such as floor-mounted and top-mounted door closers.

Door closers by function:

  • Top-mounted door closer with variable closing force EN 1154, closing speed adjustable from the front
  • Top-mounted pinion gear door closer (top-mounted door closer) with standard arm assembly for leaf widths up to 850 mm and with adjustable closing speed
  • Standard arm door closer (top-mounted door closer) with an integrated, self-regulating backcheck function and freely adjustable closing force
  • Door closer (top-mounted door closer) for installation on fire and smoke protection doors according to EN 1154 A with closing speed and force adjustable from the front
  • Door closer (floor-mounted door closer) according to EN 1154  for swing doors up to a door weight of 300 kg
  • Universal floor-mounted door closer in accordance with EN 1154  with CE conformity and freely adjustable closing force and speed

Door closers by manufacturer:

  • Top-mounted door closers from MAB, Dorma, Geze which can also be fitted to overhead door lighting
  • Floor-mounted door closers from Casma, MAB, Dorma, Geze
  • Door closers in the form of self-closing interior door bands from Stremler and Dorma

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