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Plate Glass / All Glass

In modern architecture plate glass – used in the context of all glass construction – is an increasingly common , in order to meet the need for spacious, open, light-flooded rooms.

GlasAktiv is a reliable and affordable supplier of a wide range of plate glass and flat glass products, such as safety glass (toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, semi-tempered glass), curved glass, anti-reflex glass, design glass, all glass systems and other special-purposes glass for use both in interior and exterior design and construction.

Whether it’s for shopping centres, office buildings, outlets, offices or private housing, glass – together with plate glass – is used in the form of glazed balustrades, staircases and galleries, point-fixed glass façades, glass canopies, glass flooring and many other areas of application

GlasAktiv offers a wide spectrum of services: from design and planning, to supplying of all necessary glass materials and fixtures, to the complete installation.