Balustrade Glazing

Glasbrüstung System Baluga

Our glass balustrade systems combine high-quality appearance, ergonomic design and the highest levels of safety.

Fall protection in the form of a glass balustrade can be realised with either clamp-held glazing or point-fixed glass.

Balcony glazing, glass balustrade infill, glass staircase banisters and galleries are an extremely eye-catching form of fall protection.

Types and uses of balustrade glazing

Brüstungsverglasung System Baluga

  • Clamp-held and mounted balustrade glazing
  • Point-fixed balustrade glazing
  • Glass fall protection, load bearing glass balustrades with  continuous handrail and glass infills
  • Glass railing system with general building authority test certificate

Glass balustrade systems


  • System Baluga: filigree balustrade system made of stainless steel and glass. Baluga is type tested and has a general building authority test certificate
  • System Balardo: type tested balustrade system without posts

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