Glass Balustrade System Baluga

Our glass balustrade and railing system Baluga comes with a general building authority test certificate. The Balardo balustrade system features point-fixed glass panelling and can be ordered as either Baluga Single, Baluga Twin or Baluga Individual.

The Baluga system for glass balustrades with point-fixed glass infill impresses with its elegant and minimal profile widths and point-mount diameter.

With two different types of post (SINGLE features singles, while TWIN features double posts) and a variety of hand rails, glass connectors, base points and support structure connectors, Baluga offers architects and designers a wide range of combinations and possibilities to suit every building.

Thanks to the general building authority test certificate an expensive, long-winded case-by-case approval (ZiE) – which can require visits to the authorities, long approval processes and expensive structural analyses – isn’t required.