Glass-ceramic / Borosilicate Glass

GlasAktiv offers clear transparent or milky white Neoceram in flat, edged or curved variants as well as borosilicate glass which is used e.g. for stove viewing panels.

Neoceram can handle continuing temperatures of 700°c and momentary maximum temperatures of up to 800°c, which white glass ceramic that can be used at 850°c continuously with a maximum of 950°c

Borosilicate glass combines extreme heat resistance with a high resistance to chemical substances. The long-term usage temperature is 450°c. Furthermore the surface is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and acid mixtures; as well as chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances.

These properties make it possible to implement borosilicate glass in situations where it would not be possible with traditional soda lime glass.