Clamped Glazing

Clamped glazing is commonly used with safety barrier glazing, such as glass railings, glazed balconies or balustrades. With clamped glazing the glass surface is attached to a supporting structure by means of glass clamps. GlasAktiv offers glass clamps for clamped glazing, which are also available with building regulation approval (AbZ).

With clamped glazing it’s important to keep TRAV in mind. These “Technical Regulations for Safety Barrier Glazing” (TRAV) regulate which types of glass may be used, because in Germany not every form of safety glass is permitted. For example, according to TRAV, one is not allowed to install thoughened saftey glass as Mono glazing in the context of safety barrier glazing. Here case-by-case approval (ZiE) is mandatory, which can be both time-consuming and expensive.

GlasAktiv recommends the conformance tested glass clamp system Balardo, which also boasts relatively low installation cost and effort.

The GlasAktiv team will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our range of clamped glazing systems.