Façade Glazing

GlasAktiv has many years of experience and know-how with glass façades and vertical glazing. From the initial planning all the way to the complete installation, we are specialised in point-fixed glass façades, mullion-transom glazing, ventilated façades and double-skin façades.

Our façade point-fixtures for glazed façades are distinguished by the wide range of available diameters, and glass thicknesses, as well as their adjustability to the supporting structure.

Glazed façades variants:

  • Point-fixed glass façades
  • Ventilated façades / curtain wall façades
  • Double-skin façades
  • Mullion-transom façades

Contact us while you’re still in the planning stages of your project and we’ll be happy to support and advise you regarding dimensional tolerances, wind loads, traffic loads and thermal expansion.