Point-fixed Glazing


Point-mounted glazing meets the need for a highly transparent, frameless glass surface. Point fittings transfer the weight of the glass onto a separate support structure, which can be either directly adjacent to the glass surface or clearly separate from it.

Variants of point-fixed glass:

  • Toughened safety glass with heat soak test and laminated safety glass from toughened safety glass for point-fixed glazed façades
  • Point fittings with AbZ for glazed façades without fall-proofing
  • NEW: General, regulatory approval (AbZ) for vertical, point-fixed fall-proof glazing!
  • Laminated safety glass from semi-tempered glass for point-fixed glazed roofing
  • TEC system for point-fixed overhead glazing in accordance with AbZ Z-70.3-74

Point-fixed glass façades are considered to be a “non-regulated” building material under building regulations. Consequently case-by-case approval is required for the overall construction from the supervisory construction authority.