Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are a great eye-catcher for any house entrance and provide ideal weather protection, without darkening your entrance, shop window or terrace. We offer frameless point-fixed glass canopies and linearly mounted glazing as complete systems, as well as custom constructions for glass canopies.

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Glass canopies – technical information:

  • Maximum dimensions for the glass panel with AbZ: 4.650 x 1.700 mm (with max. variable influence of 1,25 kN/m²)
  • Complete sets for glazed canopies consisting of support bars, point fittings and wall fixtures in various designs and variants
  • Laminated safety glass from semi-tempered glass with AbZ using semi-tempered glass for glass canopies
  • Top Connect System: glass canopy with AbZ Z-70.3-85 up to maximum rated value for variable influence (qd) of 4,5 kN/m²

Point-fixed glass canopies with general building approval (AbZ):

  • Glass canopy systems Basic, Triangle, Diamond: these glass canopies can be ordered in sets of 2 or 3. The maximum size of the canopy is 1.700 x 3.300 mm.
  • Glass canopy system Basic II: filigree glass canopies up to maximum dimensions of 1.700 x 3.300 mm.
  • Glass canopy system Quadro: technically striking canopy with maximum dimensions of 1.700 x 3.300 mm in a set of 3.
  • Glass canopy system Informo: very slim glass canopy, in which the glass fittings have been reduced to an absolute minimum. The maximum size of this canopy set is 1.700 x 3.300 mm.
  • Glass canopy system Schwert: point-fixed glass canopies as a system in which the glass panelling lies on the point-fixtures. With this glass canopy a higher load is possible, up to a maximum size 2.500 x 1.045 mm in a set of 3.
  • You can find flyers and data sheets for our glass canopies in our download area.

Linearly mounted glass canopies:

  • Glass canopy system Sera I: canopy system with built-in lamp and maximum dimensions of 595 x 1.100 mm.
  • Glass canopy system King I und II: glass canopies which are supported by two stainless steel rods. These glass canopies are available up to a maximum size of 1.190 x 3.000 mm.
  • You can find flyers and data sheets for our glass canopies in our download area.

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